portraits: lijiang ancient music musicians

these musicians are a part of the dayan ancient music association.

Lijiang Music Group 1

Lijiang Music Group 2

Lijiang Music Group 3

Lijiang Music Group 4

Lijiang Music Group 5

Lijiang Music Group 6

Lijiang Music Group 7

the music they play and the instruments they use are a part of are one of the oldest, longest lasting music traditions in human history.  their performances are often viewed as a vision of the past… but the celebration of nostalgia is also criticised as a commodified experience for tourists.  i’ve heard the same thing said of the hula…

listen here:

all photographs taken digitally using a nikon d5100.

all images captured backstage at the tianyu music festival in lijiang on 10.04.13 within walking distance of this GPS point:  26.807490, 100.269363

lijiang_world artist village_tianyu music festival site


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