obon festival. lahaina, maui, hawaii

Photos taken at Lahaina Hongwanji Mission and Lahaina Jodo Mission and originally published in Bamboo Offshoot, August 2007 issue.

(A) lahaina hongwanji

A prayer is said before the Obon dance begins.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

(D) Tavi in kimono

Tavi Viela (8) sits in the dressing room after putting on a kimono.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

(B) making chowfun

Volunteers cook chow fun.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

(C) selling food

Obon dancers take a break while others buy snacks sold through the windows.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

(E) ring toss option2

Children play ring toss.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

(F) taiko

Drummers from Maui Taiko perform in the center of the dancing ring.  Lahaina Hongwanji Mission.

() jodo crowd dancers

Spectators watch the Obon dancers in the middle ring.  Lahaina Jodo Mission.

(H) jodo spectators

Tourists and locals sit on the temple steps to watch the festivities.  Lahaina Jodo Mission.