Tune in to Dublab’s “Sounds of Symmetry”

“Sounds of Symmetry” is a live broadcast for the bi-annual Proton Drive to raise money for the non-profit radio collective, Dublab


Tune in online, now through November 17th, between 8am & 8pm

Or download/listen in i tunes


Or jam it out on from noon on November 18 to noon on November 19 for a 24 hour “no sleep session” (times in Pacific Standard)

MONDAY, November 8

  • 8-10am: Ale & Lavenders
  • 10am-Noon: Daiana Feuer (L.A. Record)
  • Noon-2pm: Paul Beahan (Manimal)
  • 2-4pm: Plastic Nancy
  • 4-6pm: Hoseh
  • 6-8pm: Nosaj Thing (live set)

TUESDAY, November 9

  • 8-10am: frosty
  • 10am-Noon: Mahssa & Marcus Herring
  • Noon-2pm: TBD
  • 2-3pm: DJ Koze (Hamburg, Germany)
  • 3-4pm: SZA/ZA (live set from this amazing Polish band)
  • 4-6pm: TBD
  • 6-8pm: Andres Renteria

WEDNESDAY, November 10

  • 8-10am: Matthewdavid
  • 10am-Noon: Matthewdavid
  • Noon-2pm: Jimmy
  • 2-4pm: Turquoise Wisdom
  • 4-6pm: Daiana Feuer (L.A. Record)
  • 6-8pm: Cali Dewitt (Teenage Teardrops)

THURSDAY, November 11

  • 8-10am: Ale & Lavenders
  • 10am-Noon: Matt Sullivan (Light in the Attic)
  • Noon-2pm: Marco Paul
  • 2-4pm: Les Sins dj set (aka Toro y Moi)
  • 4-6pm: Take
  • 6-8pm: Nanny Cantaloupe & Carlos Nino

FRIDAY, November 12

  • 8-10am: frosty
  • 10am-Noon: TBD
  • Noon-2pm: Lucky Dragons (dj set)
  • 2-4pm: Marion
  • 4-6pm: Take
  • 6-8pm: Greenbean & Soft Soil

MONDAY, November 15

  • 8-10am: TBD
  • 10am-Noon: Teebs
  • Noon-2pm: Rani de Leon
  • 2-4pm: Ganas
  • 4-6pm: Take
  • 6-8pm: Nanny Cantaloupe

TUESDAY, November 16

  • 8-10am: TBD
  • 10am-2pm: Live Broadcast from Belgium with Tommy D & Friends
  • 2-4pm: Holloway
  • 4-6pm: Mossman (Toronto)
  • 6-8pm: Morpho

WEDNESDAY, November 17

  • 8-9am: dublab sprout session sneak preview
  • 9-11am: John Girgus and Ale
  • 11am-Noon: Ramesh
  • Noon-2pm: Fingerprints (live Nite Jewel side project)
  • 2-4pm: Turquoise Wisdom
  • 4-6pm: Dina J (Free!)
  • 6-8pm: Hoseh

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