Goodbye YouTube, Hello Hlaska

For YouTube, the end of October signaled a transition 4 years in the making as Chad Hurley stepped down as CEO, allowing longtime Google employee, Salar Kamangar to take the reins. Kamangar came to YouTube in 2008, emphasizing his expertise in online advertising.  [more from ShootOnline] [more from HuffingtonPost]

Hurley is the last of the three recognized YouTube founders to jump ship (Jawed Karim and Steve Chen left in 2006 and 2008 respectively).

Hurley will be (re)focusing his designing skills on the clothing/accessories line, Hlaska.  The brand’s name is a combination of Hawaii and Alaska, making the brand:

“… our 51st state. It‘s a state of mind that is decidedly American yet a true frontier. It’s an idea that conveys hard work, risk, and the payoff from each” (from Hlaska’s web site).

How does Hurley compare Hlaska with YouTube?  As he said in NY Mag’s blog, “the Cut”:

“We make wallets, bags and shirts we’d want to see sold in stores. In that sense it’s exactly like YouTube. We wanted something that wasn’t available, so we built it ourselves.”

Hlaska’s most unlike YouTube feature:  prices ranging $50 to $500.

Here is some product:


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