News Story of the Week

Comments on “For most vulnerable, a promise abandoned” by Robin Fields, Evelyn Larrubia, and Jack Leonard for the Los Angeles Times November 16, 2005.

This story is about the Public Guardian’s Office for Los Angeles County whose function is to take care of the elderly who can no longer take care of themselves. This is a service that is not present in every county and a service that I had no idea existed. However, it is apparent from the information in this story that it is a service that is greatly needed and in dire need of reform. Most importantly, this story serves to notify the public about the conditions of the Public Guardian. It is a long story, but it is necessary for covering an institution that has been generally ignored until it received public funding this year for the first time since the 1990. A great amount of research and work went into putting this story together and I also appreciate that they used many different cases involving different people affected by the Public Guardian to illustrate the story.


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