News Story of the Week

Comments on “Mayor is Criticised for Jet Use” by Patrick McGreevy for the Los Angeles Times on November 8, 2005.

This story was both interesting and informational to read and discussed the Mayor Villaraigosa’s recent trip in Ameriquest’s private jet. The background provided in this story is what makes it excellent and all the more juicy. Particularly important were the connections that Villaraigosa has had (including previous donations) with Ameriquest in the past as well as the upcoming legislation concerning the company. And on top of that, companies, such as Ameriquest (who is under fire for targeting minorities as a lender), were in the news less than a month ago concerning the disproportionate lending gap for homes in Los Angeles. This story is clearly about much more than the mayor’s last minute ride. (I also liked how the writer informed us that Villaraigosa intended to reimburse Ameriquest about $400, or the cost of a commercial flight, but then also quoted the cost for a similar private flight between the same airports for almost $20,000.)


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