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Comments on the article, ” Roberts Avoids Specifics on Abortion Issue” by Amy Goldstein and Charles Babington from the Washington Post online September 14, 2005

This was one of the many news stories out covering this day of John Roberts’ confirmation hearings. Like much of the other news coverage on this event, the article took small parts of statements that Roberts and senators made and translated them into layman’s terms. For those who could not watch the hearings, this helped to summarize the issues that were and weren’t talked about. What sets this particular coverage apart from the many others today on this subject is what came with the article. Along side of the article, you can choose links to read the day’s transcripts, watch video clips, and read analyses of Roberts’ testimony. While the story gives a succinct summary, there are other easily accessible options for those who want to know more. This coverage by the Washington Post online allows users to personalize the depth of their coverage on one page where they can read the exact comments and form their own opinions or read the opinions of others. Most importantly, there are clear labels that let the reader know when they are encountering opinion.


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