News Story of the Week

Comments on the article “Flood Drives New Agenda in Capital” by Janet Hook from the Los Angeles Times 9/6/05

This article, by the nature of the topic it covered, showed the intertwining relationships of some of our nations biggest issues. By calling attention to the agenda of congress, we are able to see the priorities that our lawmakers give to these issues. Logically, the issue given priority has been aid for Hurricane Katrina victims and the confirmation of John G. Roberts. Interestingly, the issue that was removed from the top of the agenda is the vote on the estate tax, which has been postponed. Katrina easily overshadows any story in the news, including the estate tax, but it is important to remember how these issues are connected. The estate tax, which benefits the wealthy, will decrease funding for government programs and initiatives which benefit mainly the poor, such as many Katrina victims and soldiers in Iraq. What is significant about this news article is that it has served the public properly in providing new information on important issues, despite the potentially boring topic of the order of the agenda in congress.


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