“talk story”: photographer cole brash shoots film while cruising with jjf on the north shore

cole barash’s photo’s in the book, “Talk Story” depict hawaii’s north shore in grain and grime.  shot entirely on film, it centers around john john florence (aka jjf, the it boy of the moment on the world surf league).

buy the book here: http://www.dashwoodbooks.com/pages/books/14173/cole-barash/talk-story

read more here: http://time.com/3763990/beyond-the-waves-an-intimate-look-at-the-life-of-surfer-john-john-florence/

and here: http://www.coolhunting.com/culture/photographer-cole-barash-talk-story

cole’s web site here:  http://www.colebarash.com


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