rachel sussman photographs the oldest living things in the world

after a visit in japan lead sussman from the oldest woman in the world to a 7,000 year old japanese cedar tree … she endeavored to capture photographs of the oldest living things in the world.

the result is a book full of nature photos in desaturated hues, framed by thick borders of whitespace and handwritten captions.  followed (perhaps) by some contemplation on nature, time and life.

the oldest:  bacteria in siberian tundra

the epic adventure:  antarctic moss on elephant island

the one in our backyard:  palmer’s oak in riverside, california.  nearby is a cement factory and suburban sprawl.

the metaphor:  this fallen bald cypress was alive when sussman started her endeavor, but burned down after a meth session in the tree’s hollow trunk.

listen to her interview w/madeleine brand on press play HERE

see more photos from this project HERE

buy book at your local bookstore.  or HERE


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