Stussy Greensleeves: The First 100 Covers

Stussy and Greensleaves Records


are in collaboration on a limited offering of visual stimuli, printed and bound together to be placed on the altar of coffee tables and bookshelves of select, sound-selecting connoisseurs.

Stussy Greensleeves:  The First 100 Covers is a book of exactly that, the first 100 album covers from the legendary Greensleeves record label.  A label that since 1975 has been spitting out records of the likes of Barrington Levi, Eek-a-Mouse, Black Uhuru, Scientist, Yellowman, Dennis Brown, Shabba Ranks… and… the genre defining single from Wayne Smith… Under Mi Sleng Teng … a big ups for embracing the digital and keeping the roots…

But enough about Greensleeves… the book itself consists of album covers, most of which were designed by the label’s go-to and current designer, Tony McDermott (like this famous Carnival of Reggae History 12 inch sleeve):

Click Here for an interview w/Tony where he discusses process/philosophy and the miss-hap in which an album featuring Freddie McGreggor w/meticulously drawn dreads was turned into an afro by the album printer (who didn’t read the print instructions and assumed the dark dreads must be an afro).

Now here’s some stimuli……..


(Click here for DJ.Andy.Smith’s Greensleeves podcast)




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