Free People taking crazy shots for their catalogue

This is from Free People’s May 2011 catalogue shot on ‘Oahu, Hawai’i …

In this ad for the “Mid-Pacific Romper” taken on location in the Mid-Pacific, you can see the impending look of “woah” on the models face as the wave crashes onto the rocks she and the photog are standing on… with the risks you take to get the winning shot, it likely explains why the photo is a bit on the blurry side…

Makes me think of the lyrics from Ka’au Crater Boys’ Opihi Man:  “keep your eye on the wave, don’t ever turn your back.”  My mom wouldn’t let me take this photo, someone’s gotta have the photog’s back while that set is coming in…

Risks aside, there’s some beautiful photos in this catalogue… Here’s some behind the scenes from Free People’s blog

They had some great foliage for set design… gorgeous haku leis

and one cool umbrella made of leaves…

This was a shot for the product called “Pele Dress” … also in May’s catalogue are a “Lahaina Eyelet Tank” and “Kupono Beach Blanket” … even the product names are inspired by Hawai’i and the lore of Pacific islands


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