Signs of Protest

Yes, there are so many images of Tahir Square this month.  Nearly all focus on protesters, police and/or what happens when the two meet in the same frame.

This video (taken on a DSLR with HD video capabilities) has a less common focus, THE SIGNS.

British filmmaker Oliver Wilkins commented in a DSLR News Shooter blog on how the appearance of a still camera affects the way subjects act when filmed…

I also love the response people have to a “stills” camera – for this piece, the posing and looking into the lens, I think gives a really strong connection to the audience. Generally for my work I operate under the radar; there’s no way I could do that with a full size shoulder cam


One thought on “Signs of Protest

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. True, true. People are used to the DSLR as a shape/form. It’s not a threatening device and it’s definitely perceived differently than a video camera. It looks amateur, so in response, I believe people are going to look/act more natural…I wonder if this will change as time goes by, but for now, it’s a great tool to have…

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