Review: Aviary and the screen grabbing function

aviary1.egg  on Aviaryaviary1.egg on Aviary.

This online image editing tool, Aviary, was found in the results of a google search for a chrome browser add on that would provide me with the uncanny ability to do a screen grab of a selection of any web page yielding me with some sort of .jpg file.

I thought it would be helpful for blogging.   So far, it is.

  • Installation on my already open chrome browser was quick.

  • No restarting my browser.

  • Start screen grabbing/editing right away.

  • Saving provides a url to embed/share in blogs, social networks and chat rooms

  • Leaves an “Aviary” watermark that is tricky (but so far not impossible) to remove

***I went from screen grab to this post without saving any files to my computer.  The editing mode (beta) keeps tabs on bandwidth usage.  Also, a flash prompt will eventually appear in the editor asking if you will allow/deny Aviary to store information on your computer while it runs.  I assume this is to ease the heavy bandwidth usage from transferring image information between Aviary’s servers and your computer while editing.

***You need to sign up for an account in order to save.  Creating an account gives you an “artist” profile on avery that displays all of your “creations” (screen grabs and other images made and altered with Aviary).  Aviary is a Flickr-like slightly-passive-social network that lets you favorite images and keep tabs on your contacts’ and groups’ images.  It also publicly ranks you by how often you use Aviary (after my first image, I am ranked as a “fledgling,” and the bird imagery continues to appear throughout like Easter eggs…)


2 thoughts on “Review: Aviary and the screen grabbing function

  1. Strangely, the watermark appeared on the blogspot post appeared when I revisited the next morning, but after refreshing its gone…. dunno what to say, aside from the watermark being a big drawback to Aviary

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