Reasons why we should not ban horse slaugter

Click here if you’re interested in knowing why the United States should reject a ban on horse slaughter. A bill to ban the practice made it past the U.S. House of Representatives last September, and if the Senate manages to find some time for it this session, it has the potential to become law.

The problem with this debate over horse slaughter is that so much of it is driven by a cultural bias that is masked by a crusade to save the horses. If the problem were about the humane treatment of horses, then why not focus on the way the USDA regulates the practice? For that matter, what about the treatment of all animals on the way to slaughter?

Instead, what is being fought for is a ban on the entire practice of horse slaughter in the U.S. which in the end, I believe, will do more harm than good.

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4 thoughts on “Reasons why we should not ban horse slaugter

  1. If you don’t see horse slaughter as cutting against the moral fiber of the United States..and if you don’t see horses as American icons. ..then should see that Americans do not eat horses and yet we allow foreign companies to slaughter them on our own soil and profit from their meat. For those who are not sentimental towards horses should then see horse slaughter as a practice that has no fiscal benefits for the US, but actually drains our economy because we pay taxes for FDA oversight of these foreign-owned companies. Let’s understand the issue and urge our Senators to pass this bill!

  2. We actually don’t pay for USDA oversight (which you can find out about if you read the link in this post)Secondly, I think you mean to say that most Americans don’t eat horse, because it is certainly not all Americans. There are many Americans who, consistent with their cultural beliefs, have eaten horse for generations. What’s getting dangerous here is that these arguments are getting into the business of defining what an American is according to one set of cultural standards amongst the many that compose this country. We should not be in the business of assuming one to be more ‘American’ than the other. That said, I do consider the horse to be an American icon; as well as I do the Turkey.

  3. I agree with micah if you bad horse meat then why not bann cattle,sheep,pigs,chickins. I l ove horses have all my life but sometimes they need to be put down I had to put one down agter it almost killed me so I renamed Alpo and sold it.

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