Inspiration for the New Year

Comments on the article, “Why do I love online publishing” by Robert Niles, editor of USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review.

Robert Niles talks with a few leaders in the idustry about why they love online news. The passion with which they describe working with online news demonstrates a greater passion for journalism as a whole and online is turning out to be an ideal outlet for journalistic expression.

From my peers, I often hear about how unreliable or untrustworthy news on the internet can be, but it is important to also know that this has a lot to do with the sheer amount of venues for news and blogs on the internet, giving the web a broader spectrum of journalism (from good to bad). What online journalism has shown me is that we are smarter citizens. This can be seen in many places from the comments on blogs to the initiative and dedication shown by the individual publishers/bloggers, and generally all other types of citizen journalism. I have also come to realize that I am a smarter citizen than I had thought and have been surprised by my interest and ability to understand and follow the news, which has developed almost entirely online.


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