under the angel’s trumpet

this is romina. she is a painter and artist who threw a party in her backyard in long beach during christmas. she is grasping a stem from the brugmansia plant … the angel’s trumpet. like romina, the angels trumpet comes from south america.  it is known for its use as a psychedelic and medicinal herb. […]

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Humor Fuels Creative Insights

[from the NY Times] A study from Northwestern University links humor to creative insight in problem solving.  Humor may aid in problem solving by opening up minds to unlikely/unique/random solutions to puzzles. quote from a researcher @ Northwestern University to the NYTimes: “What we think is happening,” said Mark Beeman, a neuroscientist who conducted the […]

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vice city auckland

join 4 chicks looking for a vice in auckland. moses in myers park. strippers and escorts in the synagogue turned white house. bungy jumping with cheap assholes. k’road, bukowski readings, las vegas and a flask of jameson. 3 issues of vice in 3 weeks. and toilets.

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