jeffrey milstein’s aerial photos of LA reveal differences across neighborhoods

jeffery milstein is 71 years old and hanging out of a helicopter to frame up these aerial photos of LA neighborhoods.

similarly to how his aerials of boats, cruiseships and other watercraft paint a picture of diversity with their details… these neighborhood photos highlight housing trends across the socio economic strata.

in an interview with fastcompany milstein says…

If you’re in a more working-class neighborhood, it’s more brown because there’s less trees.  The houses are more tightly packed, and the streets are on a straight grid. As you get into the more affluent areas the streets go off the grid and they start having curves. The whole neighborhood becomes more green, even blue as they start all having swimming pools. 

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“talk story”: photographer cole brash shoots film while cruising with jjf on the north shore

cole barash’s photo’s in the book, “Talk Story” depict hawaii’s north shore in grain and grime.  shot entirely on film, it centers around john john florence (aka jjf, the it boy of the moment on the world surf league).

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come to hawai`i in 1966

hawai`i tourism film starring elizabeth logue, just after her role in the 1966 film, “hawaii” (based on the james michener novel).

“night time’s a swinging time in honolulu”

the sound of elizabeth’s voice as she narrates is lush , velvety and subdued … like a billy holiday record playing on a rainy day.  but its just on the audio quality of a low budget toursit film from the 60’s.

rachel sussman photographs the oldest living things in the world

after a visit in japan lead sussman from the oldest woman in the world to a 7,000 year old japanese cedar tree … she endeavored to capture photographs of the oldest living things in the world.

the result is a book full of nature photos in desaturated hues, framed by thick borders of whitespace and handwritten captions.  followed (perhaps) by some contemplation on nature, time and life.

the oldest:  bacteria in siberian tundra

the epic adventure:  antarctic moss on elephant island

the one in our backyard:  palmer’s oak in riverside, california.  nearby is a cement factory and suburban sprawl.

the metaphor:  this fallen bald cypress was alive when sussman started her endeavor, but burned down after a meth session in the tree’s hollow trunk.

listen to her interview w/madeleine brand on press play HERE

see more photos from this project HERE

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kcrw 2nd annual 24 hour radio race

1 theme + 24 hours = a radio story

winners get air time on ‘unfictional’ and $$ benefits

this years theme:  “You Should Know”

here are the winners…

first place:

You Should Know What’s Right Next Door by Gamma Radio

second place:

Psychic Blob by Jeff Emtmen

third place:

Coming Home by Grit City Radio

unfictional award:

Bobby is Trying to Get in Touch by so it goes

and… a non-winning entry:

you should know how to cook rice by msmlska